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Don't get bored!

There are plenty of things to do, places to visit. Here are some reference points.

From Chinese food, to pizzas. You can give yourself the luxury of choosing where you like most.

These places can be found before arriving at our homes, by Coronado.


Where you can find a variety of menus that adapt to your pocket.


Forgot something? Don't worry, just 2 minutes from our homes, is the small town of San Carlos, where you can find stores that sell basic items.


If you need to fill your fridge, then drive 10 minutes and you will arrive to Coronado, where you can find Supermercado Rey, Super 99 or El Machetazo.

The choice is yours.!

bars / casinos
In Coronado, there are also bars and casinos. But remember that if you are going to drink, please do not DRIVE!
If you like something different, you can go to Cevichito de San Carlos where you eat and drink cheaply.
beach, surf, paddle & more!!!
But if sports are your thing, our houses are only 5 minutes walking from El Palmar Beach.
Where you can practice Surfing, Paddle or relax in this beautiful beach.
You can also visit el valle, if you like mountains

Due to its elevation it has a chill climate than in the coastal lands.


The natural attractions near El Valle include the El Macho waterfall, a group of small thermal pools, a zoological garden called "El Nispero".


The Valley is also known as the place of La India Dormida, name given to the shape of a mountain, because it presents the shape of the figure of a woman lying on her back.

La india dormida
Chorro Marcho
Tambores de Cuña
Mercado El Valle de Antón
Ranita Dorada
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